Portfolio of Writing



Books & Cultural Journalism:

“The Rubberbandits” – Feature Review  



“Ten Years Later” 







“Some Men & I” 

“Breathing Lake”

“Under Feet”

“No.5 Raglan Road” 



Non-Fiction: “I Don’t Remember”


Travel Literature: “Eye of the Beholder” 


Seminar Series:

“Masks & Mirrors” – Reflective Essay 

“My Guest Talk” 


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Drawing Class – Book Your Place

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An art class with a twist! This unique artistic experience will teach you the basics of drawing and how to experiment like the masters did. You’ll also plumb the depths of your inner reservoir of inspiration and get to know yourself better in a supportive and fun environment.

Every Wednesday from July 10th-August 14th, 4-6pm.

Click here to book your place. Class is limited to 12 so book early to avoid disappoint.

Classical & Experimental Drawing Classes – Vancouver Jul 10th – Aug 14th



“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions” – Leonardo DaVinci


Do you want to learn the basics of drawing and break new ground through experimentation like the masters did? Are you also interested in learning more about yourself and in achieving healing and enlightenment through your artistic expression? Then you are welcome to join me for a unique experience in “Classical & Experimental Drawing” with a focus on art history and self-exploration.

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