“Sarah & The Golden Age” – novel extract

After a year of much writing and drafting and lots of support, I have completed the novel I began writing last summer. Here is “Sarah & The Golden Age” (chapters 1-5), my first young adult sci-fi fantasy adventure about a young girl who gets whisked off to a new world full of mystery, adventure and danger. Even though the protagonist is a teenager, the story is accessible to adults as well.

The story is about an orphan named Sarah who is transported by Lux, a handsome stranger, to another world where she learns about her destiny. The universe is about to move into a new dimension and Sarah becomes aware of her new powers that are a result of the shift. Sarah comes to play an integral part in the battle of good versus evil against a nefarious advanced race of beings who claim ownership of the Earth and its inhabitants. With the help of friends from her past and present, and with a growing connection to Lux who saves her life on more than one occasion, Sarah learns what the true meaning of her life is in ways she could have never imagined.

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